Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria
Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria
Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria Seven Pearls Of Vinkuran - Luxury villas Istria

Luxury concept

   The proposed basic concept of villas comprises of 4 floors:
   In the basement there are garage places, heat station, pool technology, elevator facilities, laundry and communications.
   On the ground floor we are proposing the construction of a guest suite, a sauna, a wellness area, a bathroom, a wine cellar, an inside pool, as well as the construction of an outside hydro-massage pool.
   On the first floor the ''heart of the villa'' resides. It is the place where the future tenants will spend most of their time and where a spacious living room connected to the terrace, a kitchen with the dining room and a storage, as well as a bathroom, are situated.
   The last floor will feature two family bedrooms, the master bedroom with separated bathroom and furthermore with a terrace and a hydro-massage tub. An additional playing room or a bonus room and another bathroom are also planned.

Landscaping and furnishing of villas

   Each villa will be unique and personalized to suit the preferences of future owner. Equipping villas exclusively depends on the wishes of the owner, the possibilities are unlimited - from choice of first class materials, all the way to the unique furniture engraved with the initials of the owner, or the materials made by world famous designers.
   The surroundings of the villa will be fully horticulturally designed with indigenous plants, and also illuminated, all in accordance with the separate horticultural project. Each villa will have a heated indoor and / or outdoor pool and indoor and / or outdoor hydromassage pool / tub, where the owners will be able to enjoy all year round.
   All functions of the villa will be managed by intelligent system that can be operated through a TV, touch screen, PDA device via wireless network or over the Internet. Some of the modules of smart home control systems are lights and blinds control, household appliances, heating and cooling, automatic underground irrigation system, video surveillance, burglary and fire protection.
   Prospective owners will be strived to implement renewable energy sources in the villa as much as possible. This primarily refers to the systems of exploitation of solar energy as a clean technology. Some of the envisaged systems are heat pumps that draw the sun's energy stored in the soil, rock or air. Energy is also saved by setting the appropriate insulation materials with high insulating properties and by the use of smart systems, wastewater treatment and their use for irrigation of green areas. Finally, each of the villas will be certified with energy efficiency grade, according to high European standards.

Additional exclusive services

   Besides the planning, construction and equipping the villas with luxurious furniture and equipment, we also offer property management services. The term property management includes: cleaning and maintenance of the villa's interior (regular ventilation, preparing for the arrival of the owner, etc.), cleaning and maintaining pools and gardens, help with finding necessary staff and supervision of the property. In addition, we offer a transportation service by luxurious cars to airports within the region and beyond, organizing catering and exclusive trips by yachts or shopping trips by plane.


   Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula, unique and special, around which the Adriatic Sea has deeply incised itself into the land, splashing its indented coastline with numerous lagoons and islands, encircled by mountain ranges in the northeast, willing to tell its millennial history to the unknowing traveler.
   All its beauty put aside, great Istrian advantage is its geostrategic position. Namely, within a distance of about 500 km from the peninsula there are Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, making it Europe's oasis of tranquility, pleasant climate, gorgeous flora and fauna and divine gastronomy.
   Away from the hustle and bustle, and yet only a few kilometres away from the main tourist centers of Medulin and Pula, a small coastal village of Vinkuran has settled. Even in ancient times from a nearby quarry - Cave Romane, Romans extracted stone blocks for the construction of the Arena Colosseum. Today, during summer, an art colony is organized in the quarry, during which sculptors from accross the world express their skills. Furthermore, the slopes Vinkuran offer a view on one of the most covert bays on the Adriatic – Vinkuranska Vala, which is also ecologically valuable area. Each visitor of Vinkuran may find a real oasis of peace and quiet here, rich landscapes of the Mediterranean landscape, and can enjoy the scent of the sea and pine forests. But also, one can spend a very dynamic and content rich holiday here.
   For example, there is a possibility of playing golf at several locations within Istria, of which we recommend the one on the island of Brijuni, and those in the Kempinski Adriatic Golf Resort near Savudrija. Soon, nearby Vinkuran, in a small fishing village Ližnjan, the construction of a new Marlera Golf Resort will start.


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  1. Property type: Luxury Houses / Villas

Luxury Villas

  • land plots: approx. 800 – 1200 sqm
  • villas: aprox. 600 – 1200 gross living area
  • on 4 floors, orientetied to the south and southeast
  • heated indoor and/or outdoor pool and indoor and/or outdoor hydro-massage tub(s) and sun decks
  • wellnes area with sauna and fitness facilities
  • glass panoramic elevator
  • smart system
  • illuminated environment and carefully arranged green areas, according to the project of horticulture
  • property management
  • additional exclusive services